Mozilla Firefox OS App Days in Greece

As scheduled by Mozilla
, on 26/01/2012 Firefox OS was showcased worldwide receiving quite possitive feedback. Athens, Greece was one of the cities to be in the list so an all day event took place under the supervision and great care of people involved directly or indirectly with the project itself. With help from @ppapadeas, @comzeradd, @bacharakis and many other members of Mozilla’s Greek Community (@MozillaGreece) as well as Greek FOSS supporters, we experienced the new mobile operating system in full action!

The event started early in the morning with an overall description of Firefox OS’s features and strenghts. An OS running on rock solid and well tested technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript is here to offer a practically transparent platform for your Web Apps to run natively on any supported mobile device. Best part? Mozilla provides free tools for all developers to create, test, publish and even monetize from their mobile applications through the Firefox Marketplace.

After the initial session, a “Create your Own Firefox OS Web App” hackathon started with almost all the participants taking place. Everyone got their hands on Firefox OS Simulator -try it with the latest Firefox browser, very slick add-on for developers- and tested the product. During the hackathon and almost every hour, lightning talks were taking place covering more advanced concepts of mobile application development such as responsive UI, Git code versioning and best of all, flashing existing Android devices with Mozilla’s new Firefox OS!

The event ended with a presentation of all mobile applications created throughout the hackathon. Each project received a Firefox OS Phone for Developers, a nice gift from Geeksphone. Geeksphone is soon launching 2 different flavors of Firefox OS Dev Phones in the market and the devices will be built according to the new OS’s features and needs.

Firefox OS App Days

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